Website Training

Purpose of Training Videos

The website training videos below were created by Tucker Development to assist South Coffeyville employees in managing their new town website. The videos deliver step-by-step instructions on how to manage the most important features of the new website.

Website Questions

Any remaining questions regarding editing the website or topics related to the training videos can be addressed by emailing

Town Calendar

How to Create, Edit, and Delete Events on Town Calendar

Page In-Discussion:

Town Calendar

Managing Town
Alert System

How to Activate & Deactivate Town Alerts

Feature In-Discussion:

Town Alert Top Bar

Posting News Stories to Website

How to Create, Edit, Categorize, and Delete News Stories

Managing Homepage Sliding Banner

How to Create, Edit, Organize, and Delete Homepage Sliding Banners

Feature In-Discussion:

Homepage Sliding Banner

Page In-Discussion:

Town Homepage


Page Content

How to Edit Text, Images, and Push Down Features within Pages

Features In-Discussion:

Individual Pages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Town Directory

Toggle Content

Pages In-Discussion:

Town Directory


Town Utilities

Police Officers

Town Council
Agendas & Minutes

How to Upload and Organize Town Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Features In-Discussion:

Downloadable Documents

Uploading Documents

Pages In-Discussion:

Town Council Documents