School Resource Officer

South Coffeyville Public Schools

We have a School Resource Officer in partnership with the South Coffeyville School, who has an officer at the school. They work 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. while school is in session. During the summer they work patrol.

DARE Program

South Coffeyville Public Schools

We have a DARE officer who teaches DARE every January to the 5 th grade of South Coffeyville School.

Explorer Cadets

Developing Youth Interest in Police Careers

The purpose of the cadet program is to allow youths to participate in our department's goals and at the same time become familiar with police procedures. It is not the purpose to utilize them as regular or reserve officers and be exposed to potential dangerous elements we face in our day to day operation. Their role is more of an observer than a participant in police work.

Contact SCPD

Non-Emergencies - (918) 255-6513


Contact Chief Wade Lamb regarding all job openings with the South Coffeyville Police Department.

Report Officer Complaint

Please contact Chief Wade Lamb regarding all officer complaints regarding South Coffeyville Police Officers.